7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig

SELDI is the first wearable video rig with all the essential functions for recording videos with any smartphone or action camera.

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Chances are you can record video with one of these portable cameras right now.

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action camera

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point & shoot

How can you become the director and capture something that's creative and amazing?

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SELDI combines 6 camera accessories into a single compact portable filming device. It helps you live stream on Periscope and Facebook, create YouTube videos, and make awesome stories on Instagram.

GoPro mounted on a SELDI

*GoPro and mount not included


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Wearable Point-of-View (POV)

Create first-person perspective videos hands-free and share your experiences with an audience the same way you experienced them.

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Mini Tripod

Capture a time lapse or a beautiful landscape quickly and easily at the right angle using the built-in tripod feature that elevates your camera about 7” off of a flat surface.

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Thanks to the SELDI’s unique and balanced design you can now shoot professional looking videos that come out smooth and steady.

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Selfie Stick

Works just like other selfie sticks and is great for vlogging, group shots, and solo videos.

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Hand Grip

Grab those low angle perspective action shots or film above a crowd.

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Mount the SELDI in unique places. Hang it on doors, in trees, and everywhere in between.

Additional Information

  • Devices with 1/4” - 20 mounting hardware are compatible with the SELDI.
  • iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series, and other Android phones as well as GoPros and Sony action cams can also be mounted on the SELDI with additional mounting hardware.
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Let the world experience it through your eyes.

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Mini Tripod

With you when you need it.

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Mini Tripod

With you when you need it.

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Say goodbye to shaky videos.

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Selfie Stick

Duck face or fish gape?
You decide.

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Selfie Stick

Duck face or fish gape?
You decide.

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Hand Grip

Unique perspectives from every angle.

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Adaptable, functional, practical, and adjustable.

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Adaptable, functional, practical, and adjustable.

made with seldi

Awesome videos made with the SELDI by people like you

SELDI - Stabilizer Mode vs. Handheld

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 / Xiaoyi

Chef's POV

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

P&I Show 2016

iPhone 6 Plus

Our Way Home

iPhone 6 Plus


SELDI helps you capture live events, create videos for your vlog, or make home movies.

Technical Specifications

Height: 2.36” / 6 cm
Length: 9.84” / 25 cm
Width: 9.84” / 25 cm
Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 grams
Recommended Mounting Capacity
Mounting Block: 12 oz / 500 grams
Mount Arm Auxiliary Mounts: 7 oz / 200 grams
Support Arm Auxiliary Mount: 7 oz / 200 grams
Mounting Screw Thread Size: 1/4” - 20
Support Arm Auxiliary Mount
Mount Arm Elbows
Mounting Block Mounting Screw
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Get the most out of your SELDI with these accessories.

Body Strap


Smartphone Lenses

Smartphone Mounts

Accessories and devices with a 1/4” - 20 mount are compatible with the SELDI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cameras can be mounted on the SELDI?

The SELDI works with most smartphones, action cameras, and compact cameras with a 1/4” - 20 mounting point. If your camera doesn’t have a 1/4” - 20 mounting point then you may need to purchase additional equipment and / or accessories that provide your camera with a 1/4” - 20 mounting point.

What can be mounted on the SELDI?

Almost anything can be mounted on the SELDI as long as it uses a 1/4” - 20 mounting screw.

Can I use a DSLR with the SELDI?

Yes you can, but we don’t recommend it. The SELDI was designed to be used with smaller cameras and smartphones, and we’ve found that heavier cameras can cause discomfort when wearing the SELDI around your neck.

Does the SELDI work with GoPro cameras?

Yes. The SELDI works with GoPro cameras and GoPro accessories that use a 1/4” - 20 mount.

Is it possible to mount multiple cameras on the SELDI?

Of course. The SELDI has four mounting locations. The Mounting Block and two auxiliary mounts can be found on the Mount Arm, and one auxiliary mount can be found on the Support Arm. The Mounting Block supports devices that weigh 12 ounces / 340 grams or less while the three auxiliary mounts support devices that weigh 7 ounces / 200 grams or less.

I have a large neck or head. Can I use the SELDI?

Maybe…the SELDI has been designed to fit most people. Those with larger necks / heads may be able to use the SELDI around their necks by separating the SELDI at the elbows, sliding the Support Arm around their necks, and then reassembling the SELDI.

How do I adjust the SELDI?

Located between the Mount Arm and the Support Arm are two elbows. You can adjust the SELDI by loosening the screws located at the elbows and then moving either the Mount Arm or the Support Arm up or down until you reach your desired position.

How much does the SELDI weigh?

The SELDI weighs less than a pound (about 11 ounces or 300 grams).

What is the SELDI made of?

The SELDI is made of ABS plastic and coated in a soft-touch rubber material. The Mounting Screw and Elbow Screws have ABS plastic knobs and stainless steel posts.

Is the SELDI waterproof?

The SELDI is made of plastic and the screws are made of stainless steel so getting the SELDI wet shouldn’t be a problem. Just be sure to dry off the SELDI with a towel if it becomes too slippery to hold.

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